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The B4 family of riders and admirers is growing by the day. If you are interested in joining our team by becoming a dealer, get in touch with us, and learn more about how we can benefit from working together. We´re interested in hearing your stories, so please tell us something about yourself. We would be more than happy to fill you in on what it takes to become the latest dealer of the B4 E-Cruizer.

Shop Abcoude

We deliver bikes right from our shop in Abcoude, the Netherlands.

All our bikes will normally be delivered from our shop.

B4 Bikes

Hoogstraat 12

1391 BS Abcoude

The Netherlands


Office: +31 (0) 35 666 88 98


Bos V8 Supercars BV

Distributor and reseller for Zuid-Holland.

Middelblok 212

2831 BR




Office: +31(0) 182 372966



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